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The main considerations for choosing a mold base

Because different die-casting mold bases have different structures in various aspects, their applications are also different. Therefore, when choosing a standard mold base, pay attention to the following issues so that you can buy a good die-casting mold base.
1. The overall structure is suitable: when using the die-casting mold base product, it needs to be placed in a place where it can be used normally. Therefore, when purchasing a mold base, pay attention to selecting the required mold base and whether the overall structure is suitable or applicable.

2. Appropriate size: Different die-casting molds need to be used, and the specific size requirements for the die-casting mold base are also different. From this point of view, when purchasing a die-casting mold base, pay attention to whether the selected mold base is suitable for the application of the specific size.

3. Whether the bearing capacity is applicable: Different mold use requirements require different bearing capacities of the mold base. Therefore, in the selection of mold bases, application mold bases with appropriate bearing capacity should be selected. Die casting mold base is a tool for casting metal parts. It is a tool to complete the die-casting process on a special die-casting die forging machine.