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Requirements for the use of mold bases

① All templates must be chamfered. For the mold base of the same mold, the shape of the chamfer is required to be uniform. The chamfer is 45%. The size of all holes on the template is generally (0.5 ~ 1mm)X45°.
② Under normal circumstances, it is required to leave a 1mm gap between the A and B plates (except if the customer requests not to leave).
③ The four guide post holes must have an eccentricity of 2mm (the right-angle side of the template is used as the reference), except for the two-color (material) injection mold that needs to rotate 180° for the moving template.
④ For the two-color injection mold that needs to rotate 180° during the injection process, the mold base requirements are very high. When customizing the mold base, special requirements must be made. The hole spacing of the four guide posts is the same, the movable mold rotates 180°, and the fixed mold does not move to match. The position requirements of the straight body lock are also very strict, and the positioning ring of the movable mold base plate and the fixed mold base plate must be located in the center of the mold base.
⑤ The top surface of the mold base should be marked with "TOP", each template should be numbered, and the design reference angle should be marked with "square ruler", and the height of the characters is generally 10mm.
⑥ The shape of the mold base requires at least four surfaces (two reference surfaces and the upper and lower bottom surfaces) to be at 90°. For high precision and automatic de-threading die, all six faces must be at 90°, and accurate positioning must be ensured between each plate.
⑦ If there is a device protruding out of the mold on the underside opposite to the top surface of the mold, there must be a support column on the mold base to protect it.
⑧ The external dimensions of the formwork should meet the requirements of the drawing, the length and width dimension tolerance is 0.50mm, and the thickness tolerance of each formwork is 0~0.20mm.
⑨ The size of the moving and fixed die frames must be consistent, and the position error should be less than 0.03mm.
⑩ The shape of the mold base requires that each plate must be flush, and the push rod plate cannot protrude out of the mold base.
⑪ All screw heads are required to sink into the template 1_, and the screw-in length of the screw is at least 2 times the outer diameter of the thread.