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What kind of mold base does the non-standard mold base refer to?

From the title of non-standard mold base, we can know that this should be a mold base product. At the same time, everyone should be able to find from its title that this should be a very special mold base. In detail, it refers to the following mold base:

First, non-standard mold bases: the so-called non-standard mold bases refer to those non-standard mold bases, and the so-called non-standard mold bases mean that they are different from ordinary fixed varieties of mold bases on the market. There is no fixed rule in terms of detailed structure, size and other aspects.

Second, the customized mold base: the so-called non-standard mold base, the reason why it is non-standard is that its detailed structure and size are designed and finally confirmed according to the practical application. From this point of view, this kind of mold base should refer to those customized according to practical conditions, which are different from other fixed types of mold bases.

In detail, non-standard mold base refers to such a mold base. From these, you should be able to see that this is a very special mold base. When you have special requirements in the use of molds, you can choose a non-standard mold base that is more in line with your application requirements in a customized way.