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What are the classifications of precision mold bases?

Scientifically classify molds, develop mold industry in a planned way, systematically research and develop mold production technology, and research and formulate mold technical standards. Compared with production, the real inkstone profession has important technical and economic significance, and it has a more important order value and is the basis for the research and formulation of the mold technical standard system. formwork including formwork formwork
There are many ways to classify molds, and the ones that were often used in the past are:
According to the mold structure, such as single-process mold, double-type punching mold, etc.;
Classified according to the object of use, such as automobile panel molds, motor molds, etc.;
Classified according to the nature of processing materials, such as molds for metal products, molds for non-metallic products, etc.;
Classified by mold manufacturing materials, such as cemented carbide molds, etc.; classified by process properties, such as drawing dies, powder metallurgy dies, forging dies, etc.

Some of these methods cannot fully reflect the structure of various molds and the characteristics of forming processing technology, as well as their functions. To this end, a comprehensive classification method based on the process properties and objects of use of molds for forming and processing is adopted, and molds are divided into ten categories. class or variety.