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How to choose a mold base?

The mold base is the support of the mold. For example, on the die-casting machine, the parts of the mold are combined and fixed according to certain rules and positions, and the part that enables the mold to be installed on the die-casting machine is called the mold base. It is composed of die pad and seat plate. When you use a precision mold base, you need it to perform well in order to ensure that the entire mold has a very good performance in application. Therefore, when you buy this type of mold base, you should try your best to choose Among them, the mold base with very suitable functions is more beneficial to everyone's application.

The precision mold base retains a small amount of residual austenite and can relax the stress as needed, which acts as a buffer. Because the residual austenite is soft and tough, it can partially absorb the rapid expansion energy of martensitization and ease the transformation stress; take it out after cold treatment Putting the mold base into hot water to heat up can eliminate 40%-60% of the cold treatment stress. After warming to room temperature, it should be tempered in time to further eliminate the cold treatment stress, avoid the formation of cold treatment cracks, obtain stable tissue properties, and ensure that the mold base products are stored and used. No distortion occurs.