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Types of mold bases and processing techniques


There are many types of mold bases, precision mold bases, standard mold bases, plastic mold bases, injection mold bases, etc. The standard mold base processing equipment is mainly milling machines, grinding machines, and drilling machines. Milling machine, grinding machine processing 6 surfaces bright to the specified size. The drilling machine drills holes with low precision requirements on the mold base: such as screw holes, ring holes, and tapping. The basic requirement of a standard mold base is to open the mold smoothly. Whether the mold opening is successful or not is directly related to the precision of the four guide post holes. Therefore, in general, it is necessary to use a CNC vertical machining center to perform rapid drilling and then boring. In the injection mold, the ejector pin is retracted to a spring, and the mold base space is used to expand the spring, and the gate sleeve is installed; in addition, the mold base can be installed to increase the concave and convex. service life of the mold.

Processing technology of precision mold base: 

1. Cutting processing will have a longer impact on the performance of mold precision mold base. In order to make the cutting tool can be used for a longer time, ensure good cutting performance and reduce roughness, in the mold precision mold base Use suitable steel. 

2. The precision mold base needs a heat treatment process to improve its hardness and ensure a thicker stiffness. 

3. The steel used in the precision mold base should be properly polished to make the surface smoother. From the perspective of the application effect of the mold base, it needs to meet the corresponding performance requirements, such as good strength, good impact resistance and so on. The mold base has a preforming device, a positioning device and an ejecting device.