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What is the basic structure of the mold base?

The mold base is mainly composed of four parts: the upper mold seat, the lower mold seat, the guide post, and the guide sleeve.
1. Mold base. It is a standard part, and the appropriate steel is selected according to the production needs, and its physical properties such as stiffness and deformation coefficient are required.
A. The shape of the die base is divided into circular and rectangular.
B. Die holder with die handle. According to the situation of the punching machine, one or several general-purpose die handles can be manufactured, and then convex and concave dies can be made according to the conditions of the parts. This method can be used for general punching, blanking, bending, simple drawing, shape correction, etc. It is often used in the production of stamping parts with small batches and many varieties.

2. Guide post and guide sleeve. It is a guide element that guides the travel of the mold base.