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What is the difference between standard mold base and non-standard mold base


When purchasing mold bases, they are generally divided into two types: standard mold bases and non-standard mold bases. We can easily understand that standard mold bases are common and have a high degree of standardization, while non-standard mold bases are customized, which are specially customized for different mold production.

Standard mold base processing equipment is mainly milling machine, grinder and drilling machine. Milling machine and grinder process 6 surfaces bright to the specified size. The drilling machine will drill holes on the mold base with low precision requirements, such as screw holes, lifting ring holes and tapping. The most basic requirement of a standard mold base is to open the mold smoothly. Whether the mold opening is smooth or not is directly related to the precision of the four guide pillar holes. Therefore, it is generally necessary to use CNC vertical machining center for rapid drilling and then boring to achieve precision.

Non standard mold base is to finish machining on the basis of the above standardized mold base. The finishing mentioned here refers to the mold cavity (mold frame), fine positioning, lock module, water path (heating / cooling fluid channel), thimble hole, etc. required by another set of molds except the four guide pillar holes. Thus, the mold manufacturer can directly install its processed mold core (mold core), and then carry out mold trial and plastic product production.


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