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What is a mold base

At present, the application of mold involves every product (such as automobile, aerospace, daily necessities, electrical communication, medical products and equipment, etc.), as long as a large number of products will be produced by mold, and the mold base is an integral part of the mold. At present, the accuracy requirements of formwork will be determined according to different levels and product requirements.

The mold base is the semi-finished product of the mold, which is composed of various steel plate matching parts. It can be said to be the skeleton of the whole set of mold. Due to the great differences in the processing involved in the mold base and mold, the mold manufacturer will choose to order the mold base from the mold base manufacturer and make use of the production advantages of both sides to improve the overall production quality and efficiency.

After years of development, the mold base production industry has been quite mature. In addition to purchasing customized mold bases according to individual mold needs, mold manufacturers can also choose standardized mold base products. The standard mold base has diversified styles and short delivery time, even buy and use, providing higher flexibility for mold manufacturers. Therefore, the popularity of standard mold base is constantly improving.

In short, the mold base has a preform device, a positioning device and an ejection device. It is generally configured as panel, a board (front template), B board (rear template), C board (square iron), base plate, thimble panel, thimble base plate, guide post, return pin and other spare parts.

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